The Vé – Your digital town square

The Vé is where you and your neighbors can plan and discuss your community’s journey to a green and flourishing local economy.

Here you can launch new projects designed for readying your community for the green solutions offered on Véhub™.

Véhub™ guides you through the process of setting up and completing a project. Get your fellow community members on board and find the right location for placing the solution, and Véhub™ will make it available for you.

The heart of your community

A is an old Norse practice of gathering the community in a circle of nine hazzle branches rooted in the ground. As you enter The Vé, you leave your own ego and self-interest behind and focus on what is best for the community.

The Vé was the heart of ancient Norse communities, and your digital Vé is the heart of your community on Véhub™.

Vé – for we

»We have big decisions to make for our future. We should make these decisions together, based on our common interests as a community. In the Norse tradition we use the Vé, when having to make great decisions for our community. Before stepping into a Vé, you must step away from your personal interests and only speak on behalf of the community. Whatever is decided inside the Vé becomes an imperative for you and your community. A planet in balance requires that our communities again become the shepherds of the environment that we live in. This starts in the Vé.«

Andrea Hejlskov
Writer and Seeress

Start planning your

The Vé in action


The Vé - Presentation PDF

The Vé – Presentation PDF